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The communication of the mobile industry will contribute to the intensification of the internal market activity for this to create a meeting point,

• the development of foreign markets and foreign market presence in the sector of communication will contribute to the volume of investment on our country from the Istanbul meeting opened the door to the world to create,

• In the mobile solutions business in today's economy makes it inevitable that the process efficiency competition to draw attention to its contributions to the efficiency,

• Management of research in which mobile may be the right investment for themselves the importance of models for the needy in the process won the research / analysis laboratory and innovation to create a monitoring center,

• reference to the success of the Turkish mobile industry and developing the capacity to announce the worldwide workforce,

• In the mobile industry in our country and the world's R & D base and advantageous conditions of trade show potential to become the center of the world,

• mobile sector, setting up its own organization, which speaks its own language,

• met the industry innovation, development, expectations, achievements, problems and solutions to create a professional platform to discuss among themselves.

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