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Right audience, but the sector's single biggest specialist meeting ..

Internet and mobile technologies; In order to expand new economic concepts underlying the institutions and organizations operating limits and accelerate business processes are professionalize.

Onlysoft; 2. MyAmplifiers Expertise Fair attracts world attention as the fastest growing branch of the mobile industry brings in informatics Istanbul Expo Center.

Onlysoft Internet World: from digital marketing to e-commerce for business, offering all solutions and mobile booster devices to the hosting companies, professionals of the sector will be a platform to bring together.

Onlysoft Booster Expertise Fair: Our Solutions brings together the industry as the largest knowledge community, bringing together the business world, innovation is a major research analysis and monitoring center.

Mobile boosters are used to amplify the microwave range signals that are widely used in mobile telecommunication. These signal amplifiers are portable and therefore can be taken wherever you go to make sure you are free of call drops and slow internet connections. There are mainly two types of mobile boosters

Analogue boosters are the common variety and are mostly broadband. This type of mobile boosters amplifies signals based on conventional parameters like all career frequencies of a signal. They are featured with an outdoor antenna and connection cable. The user has to install it before using. Smart signal repeaters are specific about the carrier. This fully digitalised device filters the signal before transmitting it and also features a higher gain compared to analogue boosters. The antenna is inbuilt and hence no installation is needed, all you have to do is plug and use. However smart repeaters are more costly than analogue repeaters.

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